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Mewat Village Turns To ATM Scammer’s New Spot


A village in Mewat is emerging as the next Jamtara due to which the alarm bell of the Haryana Police has been ringed as more than 200 youngsters are scamming ATMs of the entire village in a village in Palgaon, which is named Ghaghot. Due to all this, Jharkhand is already infamous for cybercrime.

Not only because of this, but this case has also been brought to the notice of the DGP of the state by the police along with many cities like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan.

Mewat Village Turns To ATM Scammer's New Spot

Apart from this, there are about 600 houses in the Muslim village of Meo, out of which every citizen is involved in the wrong and illegal activities.

They swap cards by tricking the naive and illiterate customers who have done non-activity. And within a few days and decrypt the bank account. It started when the card arrived in Mewat and was initially executed by two or three families. But now it became a means of livelihood for the people there. A case has been filed for this many times, but no concrete action has been taken on any matter regarding this, so a case was also registered against those who do not file a case and who give bail easily.

Mewat Village Turns To ATM Scammer's New Spot

Apart from this, many such cases also came up in Hodal which takes a long time to register and the case is not registered. This coaching is done by experts. And under this, information is obtained about card clones and for ATM-related violations.

Due to this, a senior officer Deepak Ahlawat said that the problem of the village is also similar to many other people of Mewat because many residents support the criminals, and not only this, the merchant is negotiated before reaching the court. And also, the phone is not used by all of them so that they are not detected by putting the phone on the track.


Cases of fraud and robbery are being heard very much, people who have no work and no means to run a livelihood, and all these illegal activities are reported to. And people’s hard-earned money is robbed, so the bank has a humble request to the account holders to use the ATM with security and privacy.