MTV India is a very big channel and most of the popularity comes from Roadies. This year MTV India started the 18th season of Roadies Revolution on 15th February 2020. Same as every year all the episode gets very high popularity and fame. Again, most popular stars and actors have joined the show to give a boost to competition and to help contestant of their team. The popular names of leaders of Roadies Revolution are Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa, Neha Dhupia, Varun Sood, and Rannvijay come back as the host.

Roadies Revolution

Every year Roadies start its episode with 20 contestants and when the game begins then some of the contestants got eliminated and the competition becomes stronger. The recent update of Roadies Revolution is a very fascinating battle takes place between two contestants for their survival in the game. The loser will get eliminated and the winner will become safe to continue the game. Also, other contestants will help the two contestants to complete the task.

Apoorva Gale and Arushi Chawla will have to fight to complete the task and stay in the Roadies Revolution 2020. The battle will become more interesting when both the contestants have to choose one female and one male teammate. The four battleground finalist in which they have to choose are Poonam Shah, Bhawish Madaan, Dr. Prakhar, and Taniya Hussain. After the task, the winner is safe and continues the show and the loser have to leave the show.

Both the teams are played very well and finally, one team wins and other loses. Arushi Chawla and team performed very well and their performance gives them a safe zone by winning the task. On the other hand, Apoorva and team also perform well but at the time to answer the question they lose and get 0 points. Because of Apoorva, Bhawish Madaan is also not able to continue the Roadies Revolution 2020 and Prince loses one outstanding star from his team to save Apoorva Gale. Now Apoorva is a permanent member of the Prince gang 2020.