Home Festivals Nag Panchami 2020 Puja Muhurat, Tithi, Date, Timing & Duration

Nag Panchami 2020 Puja Muhurat, Tithi, Date, Timing & Duration

Naag panchmi

Nag Panchami it is one of the oldest festival celebrated in India during the rainy season and after Hariyali Teej also the month of Savan or Shravan. July is the most auspicious month of Hindu calendar. How To Celebrate Nag Panchami? Naag Panchami is a day of traditional worship. On the day of Nag Panchami like Nagas , cobras and snakes are worshipped with milk,sweet flowers,lamps.Naag panchmi

Nag Panchami 2020 Tithi Date, Timing, Duration & Puja Muhurat

Nag Panchami 2020 Tithi and Pooja Mahurat will begin at 5:39 am on July 25, 2020 and ends at 08:22 am on July 25, 2020. The total duration of Nag Panchami mahurat is 2 hours 44 minutes. The Panchami tithi begins at 02:34 Pm on July 24, 2020, and ends at 12:02 Pm on July 25, 2020. Pancham tithi is very necessary for this pooja. Naga deities made of silver, stone, wood or paintings on the wall are first bathed with water and milk and then worshipped with the reciting of the following mantras, also women keep fast for lord.

naag panchami

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When Nag Panchami Celebrate in India 2020?

Nag Panchami is one of the most significant festivals observed in the month of Sharavan. It is regarded as one of the oldest festivals according to the Hindu calendar and the devotees usually observe a fast on this day. Many people even choose to feed the poor and they even offer milk to the Nag Devta on this day. The snake god is given a lot of significance on this day as a part of the ritual.naag panchami

Shravan or Sawan consists of a lot of beats and pujas on the peak rainy season. This month is generally dedicated to Lord Shiva and the devotees seem to observe Sawan Somwar each Monday of the month, that is, July-august. Nag Panchami is also regarded as nag Chaturthi. It is also known as Nagul Chavithi. Nag Panchami is observed a few days later and the date varies a bit from one state to another.naag panchami

Nag Panchami 2020 Timings and Day

  • The Panchami tithi usually begins at 2.34 pm on 24th of July 2020,
    The Panchami tithi will end at 12.02 pm on 25th of July 2020.

Nag Panchami 2020 Mythology

The word, “Nag” usually means snake in sanskrit and people generally worship the snake god on this day in order to make sure that the God protects their families from all sorts of evil spirits. As per the mythology, a deadly snake by the name of ‘Kalia’ had once poisoned the waters of the Yamuna thereby, making it tough for the residents of Brij in UP to get the fresh water for drinking.Naag panchmi

Lord Krishna, being an avatar of Lord Vishnu came to the rescue and he destroyed Kalia and the snake god thus, came back to remove the poison from the river. That is when lord Krishna said that people who will feed milk to the snake God on Nag Panchami will always remain safe and protected. That’s how Nag Panchami came into practice.

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Nag Panchami 2020 Vrat or Puja Procedure

Not just that the devotees feed milk to the snake god on this day, but they also observe fast or ‘vrat’ and feed the poor people on this day. People even decorate their houses with rangolis and make prasad as ‘kheer.’ The devotees also do puja. Naag panchmi

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