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National Sports Day in India

National Sports Day quotes 2020

Sports day celebrated on 29th August in India every year in respect of Major Dhyan Chand Singh. People of India honour him on this particular day. The day makes us understands the value of sports and all those activities in our life which we do happily.  Celebration of Sports day aware the people towards the Games and daily Activities.

National Sports Day quotes 2020

Our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi also believes that for a healthy life fitness is necessary for us. That is why, “FIT INDIA MOVEMENT” Has been launched by him, “WORLD YOGA DAY” is celebrated every year. Accept this there are more career options in sports. Some special personalities are awarded by the President of India. Taking a part in sports and other activities we can live a long happy, healthy and diseases free life.

Why National Sports Day Celebrate in India? What is history of National Sports Day?

Dhyan Chand Singh had an interest in hockey Game since his childhood. He learned hockey because he was fond of learning hockey, so he caught a fast race for learning. On the basis of his topnotch performance, he could rise after becoming a captain of the Indian hockey team.

3 Olympic medals had been won by Major Dhyan Chand

1.       In  1928 he won the first Olympic medal

2.       In 1932 he won the second medal

3.       In 1936 he won the third medal in the hockey game

In his Sports Career After becoming the hockey player, he won Padma Bhushan award. Cause of his highest Achievements in sports as a hockey player makes the history interesting of Indian sports.

Sports day is celebrated in the remembrance of Major Dhyan Chand Singh, who had given a perfect Definition by his hard work about the sports and had given motivation to our future player.

How National Sports Day Celebrate in India?

In India Sports day is celebrated on 29th August.  Supporting all sports activities it is celebrated in schools, colleges, Universities with full joy and motivation of some major personalities, masters of Their own game line are awarded on this day by the president of India.

A Joyful celebration could be the possible only cause of some those personalities who reached on the top level of success without caring any difficulty of life. The only cause of these personalities our India always shined, shining and will keep shining in the world. These personalities always will be alive in Indians heart.

What is value of sports in life & Why we should play sports for better health?

  • Sports gives a chance to sports lovers to increase Their talent in that game which they love a lot,
  • Sports give a chance to the player going outside of the country,
  • In sports players get a chance to meet other country’s people,
  • It brings to players together. Cricket, football some these kind of games are the big part of Indian people’s life. It is playing its big role in their life on the pretext of entertaining a large number of people.

National Sports Day 2020 Quotes & Whatsapp Pic

National Sports Day quotes 2020

National Sports Day quotes 2020 National Sports Day quotes 2020 National Sports Day quotes 2020 National Sports Day quotes 2020 National Sports Day quotes 2020 National Sports Day quotes 2020