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Nazaif Haider Jaffrey Death Cause, Age, GF, Family, Know More

Nazaif Haider Jaffrey

On a daily based death news is coming out, it is seeming you are losing more than expected. Recently an incident has taken place, where an 18 years old guy has committed suicide. This news has gone viral on the internet, his name is Nazaif Haider Jaffrey, he has lost his life on the Jen 14, in 2020, and now this case has been raised. We will let you know why and Nazaif Haider Jaffrey’s death reason, age, family, girlfriend. For knowing all this keep reading the post, we will let you know more.

Nazaif Haider Jaffrey

Nazaif Haider Jaffrey Death Cause

As we know he was a teenager just 18 years old, he has kicked the bucket as we got know through the sources. After that many people have shown their interest to know why he did this. As per the report, he was facing some mental illness. He was consuming drugs and tried the drug overdose, even to get rid of his mental illness, he has cut his wrist and tried to hang to death multiple times in 2019 and 2020.

Nazaif Haider was also hospitalized at the Bradford Mental Institute in the year 2019, later he was discharged from the, when he left his suicide desires in court it was announced that he has developed his mentality, while he was working away from his family home under Boss Qamaar Waheed. Nazaif Haider Jaffrey was facing loneliness, depression, and other issues.

Nazaif Haider Jaffrey Family

On the 14th of Jan in 2020 Nazaif Haider Jaffrey’s dead body was found in his residence place at Lidget Green, Bradford. His death course is an open secret, as we know he was not mentally and always wanted to kill himself. At the age of 18, he left the world. Nazaif was a student and part-time worker at Bradford.

As per the report we got to know that he was being bullied and abused in his school by his fellow students. They used to make his fun related to his ethnicity and origins, at the age of 16 he had been facing these issues, he was also admitted to the Psychiatrist for treatment. After that, he was discharged from there and started to live alone in Bradford.

Nazaif Haider Jaffrey Girlfriend

He had a girlfriend, whose name is Gemma Wilkinson, she has stated that he was battling with anxiety and facing lots of issues. It could not handle all, ended up killing himself. He was depression she was always connected to bully chains. Even Nazaif Haider Jaffrey’s mother also said he was an adorable child, they are mourning after his death, we offer our deepest condolence to his family, may his soul rest in peace.


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