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68th Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2020 Winner List, Date, History


The 68th Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2020’s who is going to win the race this year nobody know. Keep staying with us to know the name of winner of Nehru Trophy Boat Race of 2020. Nehru Trophy Boat Race is one of the most popular premier snake boat races in Kerala. It is generally held on the second Saturday of the month of August each year.68 th NEHRU TROPHY BOAT RACE

How and When Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2020 is Celebrate?

This year it would be observed on the 8th of August, 2020. It draws in a massive crowd and the people gather in large numbers around the water body to watch the event. Nearly 100 feet long boats compete with one another and the people tend to sing old boat songs. The venue of this even is Punnamada Lake and the contestants line up near the water body to face the battle altogether.68 th NEHRU TROPHY BOAT RACE

Nehru Trophy Boat Race Origin and History

The story behind this celebration goes back to the visit of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in the year 1952. He was extremely chanted by the vision of the majestic snake board then which at that time leapt into one of the snake boats. Later on, during the same year, the pandit decided to donate a silver trophy in the form of a snake boat in the form of a gift. This is intended in the form of a reward for the memories of the time that he had spent over there. The race was later named as the Nehru Trophy boat race.

It is during this event that the entire location seems to come to life altogether. People celebrate this day with ceremonial water processions and beautiful water floats. The expert oarsmen put on a show on this day and the huge chundan valloms or the snake boats to that of the small country rafts are set out during this occasion. It is a day of grandeur and glows for the people of Kerala and it seems to be art all by itself.

If you have not seen this occasion yet, I would rather suggest you to visit Kerala for once and see it for yourself. You are sure to fall in love with the beautiful set up all around and the enthusiasm in the hearts of the Kerala residents. It seems as if the place is filled with joy and love, with a positive spirit altogether.