The uncover team, a major iPhone hacking team has released a new ‘jailbreak’ that can unlock most iPhones, including iPhones that run the latest iOS 13.5 that was released quite recently.

Since the time Apple has kept the ‘walled garden’ approach to prevent people from using customizations and apps that are not approved by Apple, hackers have tried to break out of the ‘jail’ that prevents people from ‘rooting’ (which means jailbreaking in iOS devices).

But how do they do this?

Hackers use the simple technique by finding a hidden vulnerability in the iOS software, that breaks through plenty of the restrictions that Apple puts in place to prevent unwanted access to the root files, folders and folders. Apple claims that it puts those restrictions for security, however hackers and jailbreakers claim that jailbreaking their iPhones give them more freedom to customize their iPhones, just like the way Android users can without even rooting their phones. For example, jailbreaking iPhones allow hackers and alike to use custom launchers and gestures, and also change the style of the notification bar, for which Android does not require rooting. Another reason why Android is better – more freedom to customize it! Moreover, hackers have got their hands on the pre-release version of the iOS 14.

Is doing this safe by any means?

Security experts typically advise against jailbreaking. They claim that breaking out of the ‘walled garden’ will increase the chances for malware and viruses to infect the iPhones, as more vulnerabilities would be found. However, this jailbreak isn’t forever here. Just as hackers release a new jailbreak, Apple uses updates and security patches to patch the flaws and close the jailbreak. This jailbreak comes at a time, when the image of Apple is known for its security is diminishing.