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One Plus Nord enters with a bang via dual (32MP + 8MP) front camera

image source = 91mobiles.com

Beauty is the glamour in the market. Most of the phones are legged back at the market with the same specifications and price just due to camera quality. This time One Plus has come up with something super exciting for the selfie- lovers at a very affordable price as per the sources. It is knowingly the first popular brand to launch a dual rear camera at the ground level pricing. We have seen huge affection among users for Oppo and Vivo models due to better camera quality. Seems like all the big brands have got the nerves pressed well of the user. So it resulted in the innovation of dual front cameras with high megapixels.

As we know till now that the One Plus Nord is going to introduce 32MP primary and 8MP secondary camera at the front of the model. Let’s take a look at some key benefits from have such a high-resolution dual-camera binding operation on the front. Yes obviously, this will give you a better and clear selfie. Also, you will have the advantage of high-quality HDR mode photography. People mostly prefer expensive cameras separately for quality photographs but with some advanced settings and proper knowledge of angle optimization, you can click comparably appreciable images.

Other than this, the model is also lashed with a 90 Hz display. One Plus Nord is equipped with the Snapdragon 765G processor to help you with smooth gaming and surfing. The leaked sources claim that this will launch in India and Europe initially. The teaser has aimed at the most expected date, 10 July, for the sale. This is a mid-range product with better key specs to attract more customers in the time of crisis. Till time closer to the release date, more features will be in light soon.