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Orisha Luckey Arrested Record, Footage Video In Custody, Age

Orisha Luckey

Do you know, who is Orisha Luckey? As per the report, a 41 years old man has been arrested recently. These days the number of crimes is increasing with time, we need to think about this, and the government of every county has to take action again the increasing number of crimes. On the other side, if we take about New York, where the number of murders and shootings is declining. It is such a good thing, which should be followed by most of the countries for the safety of their netizens. Let’s find out more about the arrested man, who is he and why is he arrested.

Orisha Luckey

Orisha Luckey Arrested

As per the latest update, Orisha was chasing a Bronx woman in the apartment last week, there is a video, which is getting viral as of now. And it is also being circulated over the social media handles. In the video, we can clearly see that a man is chasing a woman, who is 50 years old in the apartment.

As per the New York, CBS Local has identified the man, whose name is Orisha Luckey, he has been handcuffed by the police on the 7th of Oct in 2021. He was running through the hallway in her apartment on the 23rd of September in 2021, luckily the woman slams the door as soon as the man reached the door.

Footage Video In Custody

The man was 41 years old as of now, New York team has taken him in the custody on Friday, Oct 7 this year. As far as we got to know NYPD (New York Police Department) they are thankful to all the public, who have helped them to catch the man, hence the department has made a tweet over this.

It is not the first time, Orisha is involved in any criminal activity, in his past, he has committed a number of crimes. Police have checked his records, you might know but he has been released from custody after he paid a certain amount of bond.

New York police have charged him with attempted burglary, harassment, and trespassing. There is no info about his private life, such as his family background and wife. He is 41 years old man, do you know what is the reason being increasing crimes? Maybe unemployment, as per the data, New York unemployment rate is also declining from 7.6 to 7.4, there are some more reasons behind increasing crimes do comment in the comment section.


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