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Palakkeezh Narayanan ( Writer Professor) Death, Cause Of Death

Palakkeezh Narayanan

Palakkeezh Narayanan was one of the beloved person, who was professionally a writer professor. The worst news is that now he has passed away and is not with us anymore. At the age of 81, he has passed away, he died at his home in Chemmani at 8 am on Friday morning, Palakkeezh Narayanan’s death cause was congenital disease at the age he was going through. Find more about him through this post.

Palakkeezh Narayanan

Palakkeezh Narayanan Funeral & Obituary

As far as we know Palakkeezh Narayanan’s funeral will be conducted in the courtyard of Molattur Chemmani at 4 am. He was a successful star, who has got lots of attention after his death. In the month of Feb this year, he has also been awarded for his outstanding contribution in the year 2019.

Palakkeezh Narayanan Wiki

Moving forward his early life then he was born in 1940 in Chemmani, Malapuram, in the district of Parakizh Narayanan Nambutiri and Nangli Antaryan. He has completed his qualification from the Sanskrit Institute, later he completed his graduation and gained a master’s degree, in the year 1995 he got retirement from the University.

Palakkeezh Narayanan Death Cause

In the past he has served as one of the members of the State Council of the Library Council for 10 years, it is such a long duration. He was also a member of the National Executive Committee of the Library Council, Editor in Chief of Granthalokam, and as a part of the National Committee of the Society of progressive Arts and Literature for almost 10 years.

After hearing his death, it hit people like a ton of bricks, all of them have begun to pay him tribute on the social media sites such as Insta, and Twitter. His loved ones including relatives and friends have posted his pictures along with the long captions, where they expressed their feeling for him. He was one of the most beloved personalities for his family and loved ones.

As of now, his family is going through a rough time, we need to support his family. They need some private time so that they can feel a little better. Before his death, he had not disclosed his family and wife. We also express our deepest condolences to his family, may his soul rest in peace. For more latest updates and current affairs, keep following these sites, we will bring every trending news for all of you till then stay tuned.


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