Home News Perseid Meteor Shower Best Meteor Showers this Year

Perseid Meteor Shower Best Meteor Showers this Year

Perseid Meteor Shower Best Meteor Showers this Year

Perseid meteor shower is one of the best meteor showers of the year. It appears in early August, meaning that the annual Perseid meteor shower is active, and is now a crest. Perseids has one of the biggest, brightest sets of shooting stars.

Perseid Meteor Shower Best Meteor Showers this Year

When Meteor Shower Occur?

The meteor shower has always allure humans. Many meteor showers occur through the year – such as ata aquarid, lirid, persids and geminids, among others – which occur in different seasons. All meteors associated with a shower have similar orbits. Meteors are called Persids because they all appear to be coming from the same place in the sky, called radients, which are located in the asterism Perseus. The Geminid meteorite seen every December is named in the asterism Gemini.

Meteors usually appear in the sky so there is no worry of looking only in a particular direction. If not cloudy, choose a location away from bright lights and just look up! No special equipment is required to view the presides.

Every year this famous shower comes around this time when the Earth flows through a debris cloud leaving behind a giant 109P or Swift-Tuttle micro comet. A few fragments of dust, stones, and other cosmic pieces crash into our atmosphere and then burn up into brief and bright ridges; Sometimes full-blown fireballs shooting through the night sky.

What are Perseids?

According to NASA, Perseids has delivered a spectacle for 2,000 years. These eye-catching meteors are associated with Comet Swift-Tuttle, which orbits the Sun once every 133 years. This means that every August, the Earth passes through a zone of comet debris.

Perseid Meteor Shower Best Meteor Showers this Year

Ice and dust accumulate over a thousand years and burn in our atmosphere to create a meteor shower. Perseids exhibit more bright meteors than any other annual meteor shower.

Will a Pierced Meteor Shower Appear in India?

The Perseid meteor shower will peak on Tuesday (August 11) but will be visible until Wednesday and Thursday (August 11–12). In India, the celestial event will be visible on two days – Tuesday and Wednesday. The meteors will have greater visibility from 2 o’clock in the morning to pre-dawn time.