Home Entertainment Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Update 12th May: Omkar to Plot Against Vishakha

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Update 12th May: Omkar to Plot Against Vishakha

Pinjra Khubsurati Ka Written Update 12th May 2021

The latest episode of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka starts Vishaka offers Omkar and his family to live in her mansion. Megha thinks that it would be fun to live in a huge mansion. Mayura takes Omkar into the mansion and asks him to be careful. Mayura later offers her a stick for support. Shankar says that he is not feeling all this right. But Mayura again insists and Omkar gets agrees. Vishaka thinks that she has to make both of them hate each other. Mayura then takes Omkar to his room. Mayura says to Vishaka that you have a heart of gold.

Vishaka tells Megha that she will send some clothes to him. She then asks if Mayura is fine and happy. Vishaka says that she has done all this because she doesn’t want you to lose your focus on the meeting. Omkar there thinks that he at least return to his mansion. He further thinks now he will trace Tara. Shankar comes to Omkar and informs Omkar that Vishaka is all after to reveal his truth. Omkar says that first, he has to win Mayura’s trust and later I reveal the real face of Vishaka.

Pinjra Khubsurati Ka Written Update 12th May 2021

Shankar says that you and Mayura are living under the same roof. Omkar says but still, we aren’t together. He says that it doesn’t matter how distant in our relationship but I won’t allow any third person to take advantage of it. He says that Mayura has done much for me and she is still dedicated to me and it is my duty to save her from this Vishaka. Later, everyone is having dinner on the lawn. Vishaka intentionally asks Omkar to take Dal carefully as it is quite hot. Vishaka signs the servant to throw hot Dal on Omkar. But Omkar gets escaped at the right time.

Mayura shocked and asks Omkar if he is alright. Vishaka pretends to reprimand the servant. But later, she asks Omkar how would you got to know that Dal is about to fall on you. Omkar says what Dal I stood up to take my medicine which I have to take before having food. Mayura then asks her to sit on the chair, Omkar folds his hand to show respect and gratitude toward Mayura. Get the complete episode of the show on Colors TV at 9:30 PM today. Stay in the loop for more Pinjara Khubsurti Ka written updates.