On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of our country Narendra Modi will meet the Chief Ministers of seven states. These seven states are the COVID-19 disease that the whole world is fighting due to which these seven states are playing a major role in COVID-19 caseload and are giving their own contribution.

PM Modi going to meet Chief Minister of 7 states

As we all know that the meeting is held just before the completion of Unlock 4. Due to this, the final phase of unlocking will end on 30 September. We all know that in Corona’s position, the Modi government has managed the country in a good way, considering that it is protecting the country as self-defense. Not only this, so far, many meetings have been held with the CM from Lockdown since March 25 for the protection of the country with respect to the corona and one day and night to protect the country. Due to this, even today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet the Chief Ministers of seven states due to COVID-19 and discuss the situation in Corona.

Key points related to Prime Minister Modi’s Wednesday meeting

  • As we told that the Chief Ministers of seven states will participate in the meeting which is as follows Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, and Punjab.
  • These seven states account for 63 percent of COVID-19 cases.
  • Apart from this, according to sources in Maharashtra, Punjab, and Delhi, this 2 percent fatal situation has been reported.
  • Not only this, one of the objectives of this meeting is that these states have already reported a daily increase in cases.
  • The center sends a team to the state to help state governments monitor, control, experiment, and effectively manage the clinic. Recently, a team was sent to J&K.
  • The situation in Covid-19 in Delhi is being monitored by a joint team of the central government of Delhi. In this case, it is an assessment of the need for centralized guidance in these seven states.

According to News, India more than 5.5 million coronavirus infections cases found on Tuesday. However, the number of active cases in the country is less than one-fifth, according to the Ministry of Health along with this, In Maharashtra, 18,390 new COVID-19 infections were reported on Tuesday, an increase of 1,242,770. The highest sampling time was 105,026 in 24 hours, and the government provided 60 lakh Corona tests. The number of active patients in the province is 272,410. However, on Tuesday, a total of 3,816 new patients was reported in Delhi, bringing the death toll to 5,051.