From September 24 to 26, three days ‘Rail Roko’ movement will be organized by the farmers, with the help of which the farmers will protest against the three agricultural bills imposed by the central government. Not only this, let us tell you that in Patiala a day before, on September 17, but many farmers had also protested against the central government on agriculture-related matters.

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You all must be thinking that what is the reason that farmers are protesting in this way, let us tell that the purpose of the protest by farmers is that farmers want to oppose the bills, they do not want the government to support the minimum support price ( MSP) eliminate the system completely

“We decided to keep the railway from September 24th to September 26th in violation of the three agricultural regulations,” said Sanharsh Sarwan Singh Pandher, Secretary-General of the Kisan Mazdoor Commission.

Earlier this week committee Staged a protest in Amritsar. “Those who say these decisions will help farmers lie. On the contrary, we will pawn the companies. We and all farmers in the country want Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come out and oppose these orders.” On September 25, various farmers’ organizations in Punjab called for a ‘bond’ against the law. This comes after three regulations were enacted to guide agricultural reform to increase farmers’ incomes and give them more freedom to sell their produce. Peasant protests are seen in Telangana and Haryana as well as in Punjab. The move created a rift between the allied Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP) and the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), which opposed the regulations.

The Punjab-led government has described the law as a “blatant attack” on the federal structure. SAD leader and trade union food processing minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal resigned from the cabinet on Thursday night in protest of the rules being discussed by the NDA government. According to government sources, politics in Punjab was dominated by agriculture and the agricultural economy was in turmoil, prompting the SAD to take an anti-government stance on the bill.

Indian Railway Train

Punjab is set to go to the polls in about a year and a half. Meanwhile, the lower house of the Lok Sabha on Thursday approved two bills on “reform” of agricultural marketing. Sell ‚Äč‚Äčagricultural products of your choice. Several opposition parties, including the BJP’s ally SAD and Congress, strongly opposed the two laws.

Trade-in agricultural products (incentives and facilities) 2020 regulations, price guarantees, agricultural services regulations 2020 Law on Contracts for Farmers (Permits and Protection), and Regulation of Basic Raw Materials (Amendments) 2020.Rail Roko movement announced by farmers for three days after Farm Bill introduced