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Rajnath Singh Said in Speech “Strong Message To World” Said in Ambala

China says: New Delhi responsible for China-border line

India’s accession of the Rafale jet is a “Game-changer” and the launch of five jets by the Indian Air Force (IAF) is a ” mythological-moment”, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said this afternoon. “Today, this presentation sends a strong message to the world, especially to those who dare to raise their eyes (to us). Given the situation at the border, this presentation is a very important step,” said the Minister of Defense. border tensions with China.

China says: New Delhi responsible for China-border line

“I would like to congratulate the IAF on their commitment to the presence of their minds during the tragic situation on the actual line of control (the border between India and China),” Mr. Singh said in the afternoon. It gives confidence that the military is ready to carry out its mission. ”

The IAF “plays a major role in the cessation of hostilities and will be a key decision-maker in the event of any future war,” Mr. Singh added during a speech at the inauguration of the five rafale jets.

The ceremony, held at Ambala Air Force Base, the country’s oldest airbase, was attended by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, his French counterpart Florence Parley, Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat, Air Chief Marshal RKS¬† Bhadauria, and the Secretary of Defense. Secretary Ajay Kumar participated. “The excitation of the jet is a toy-changing tool and it represents a mythological moment for the country,” he said.

“Until, the present situation on the border has caught our attention, but we must not forget the threat of sponsored terrorism,” the defense minister said in a statement on Pakistan.

“We all know the security issues of the northern border. In this scenario, we must all be vigilant to protect our nation and our values. Our vigilance is the most important security solution,” Mr. Singh said.

Speaking about his visit to Moscow last week and his recent meeting with the Chinese leader on tensions, the defense minister said “Recently, I have put forward India’s views around the world … I have told nations I will not compromise on India’s regional probity and self-determination. We are committed to making all the necessary preparations for this decision. ”

Mr. Singh said the Golden Arrows, part of the Indian Air Force’s Western Air Command based at Ambala AFS, would be brightened by the launch of five Rafale jets.¬†India’s relations with France have been strengthened by the involvement of Rafael Jets, he said when he invited France to invest in India’s defense sector. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Confidence” The government has taken many liberal and effective steps after calling on India”

“India and France have been partners in various areas of defense collaboration. We have a common view on various issues, such as marine security,” he added.

According to sources, the first batch of five Rafale jets appear in India on July 29, almost four years after it signed an intergovernmental agreement with France to buy 36 planes for 59,000,000 crowns, and the second convoy of four or five Rafale jets is expected to appear in India by November.