Resident Evil 8 is a classic horror game franchise and after the hit of part 7, this was actually expected. In part 7 there were new experiments done by the makers because they wanted the viewers to come across different things.  But the point is that when the 7th part was a hit, the makers did not directly jump to part 8. But before that, they did Resident Evil 2 and 3.

What you should know about the game Resident Evil 8?

The official name of Resident Evil 8 is Resident evil Village. In this entry, you will come across the old characters as well as new characters. Apart from this, when this will get a chance to sync with PS5, there will be amazing spine chilling experiences. Even if you are a veteran player, you will be thrilled with the entirely new innovation and experience.

Know about Resident Evil release date

As of now, there has been no official announcement of Resident Evil release date. But yes, it is clear in the way things are heading, that it should release somewhere in 2021. When the PS5 reveal launch happened, this was for the first time; we came across Resident Evil 8 as well.

Is the trailer out?

Yes, at Sony’s PS5 launch, there was some revelation about Resident Evil 8 and in the trailer that was seen, there were witches, ware wolves, large-sized vegetables, and also at the end Chris Redfield. Return of Chris Redfield is quite prominent for the game and of course, this will work as good news for big fan followers.

 These are the things that we know about the game Resident Evil 8. The return of Christ Redfield is an amazing step because this man has a good fan following and perhaps, this would be good for the game as well!

Are you ready to enjoy Resident Evil 8? Well, you will have to wait until 2021. But we are sure that the wait will be worth it.