Home News Roger Aguilera Crash Video Went Viral, Truck Driver Sentenced

Roger Aguilera Crash Video Went Viral, Truck Driver Sentenced

Roger Aguilera Crash Video

A crash video is getting viral these days, the crash video of Roger Aguilera, who was involved in the accident. On the internet, tons of people are searching for videos on the internet. Several users are also circulating the video, and sharing it on the different-different social media sites. Many people are having objections to his case, let’s find out more facts related to him.

Roger Aguilera Crash Video Went Viral

Roger Aguilera is a man, who is from Cuba, he has got involved in an accident in Dever Colorado in the year 2019. As far as we know his truck brakes were failed at the end the truck has crashed into the stopped traffic due to these four people being killed. There is also footage of the video which is getting viral these days.

Roger Aguilera Crash Video

Tons of people are saying that Roger Aguilera should be punished, the video of the incident is getting the attention of people all over the internet. Even this news was published on many news sites and some of the news channels also broadcast the incident You may watch the accident video on the YouTuber, it is available there.

Truck Driver Sentenced

The truck driver has been sentenced to 110 years in prison but many of the people have opposed the judgment, as per the opinions of the people, they are saying that he had no control over the driver in this he has no mistake. The situation was not in his hand it was a technical problem. So he should not be punished for a long sentence.

Now Roger Aguilera’s case has become the talk of the town, and netizens are making lots of tweets about this. They are requesting to the authorities that he should not be facing such long punishment, the actual fault is not his, people are not eyeing to eye with the court. People are saying that he does not deserve the sentence.

Roger Aguilera is being popular on social media, and he is being supported by tons of people, they are standing for him, now all the supporters are awaiting a response from the authorities, and they are hoping that he get out of the prison. We are also waiting for further updates as soon as we find more details, will be added to the same post.


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