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Shocking Eviction of Abhinav Shukla in Bigg Boss 14 9th February 2021 Written Episode

Abhinav Shukla

A piece of shocking news is forthcoming from the house of Bigg Boss 14 that Abhinav Shukla has been evicted from the show. Abhinav Shukla attains popularity due to his undeviating comportment and character in Bigg Boss 14. He was playing fine games instead of Dirty games but still dropped out from the show as the theme of the show is controversial.

Abhinav Shukla

This week is a family week of Bigg Boss 14. Many celebrities come into the house as family members of their favorite contestants. Rahul Mahajan has come for Abhinav Shukla, Jasmine Bhasin for Ali Goni, Vindu Dara Singh for Rakhi Sawant, Jan Kumar Sanu for Nikki Tamboli, Jyothika Dilac for Rubina Dilac have arrived. Bigg Boss called these people into the secret room and ask them to evict a person from this show.

According to the sources, these celebrities who were called in the show to support his or her participants are voted against Abhinav Shukla to evict him from the Bigg Boss house. Abhinav Shukla Fans are not liking the eviction of him in this way and they saying that it is a trick of Bigg Boss makers who don’t like the gentleman behavior of Abhinav Shukla in the show as he is not creating any controversy in the show and playing so smoothly without abusing anyone and that’s why the Bigg Boss makers do not get any controversy through him.

According to Abhinav fans, it is difficult to detach Abhinav Shukla from the show by public voting, so this scheme went and he got evicted from the show. Not even Abhinav Shukla but Rahul Mahajan is evicted from the show. Abhinav Shukla was trolling badly for not doing anything in the show and featuring like a puppet of his wife’s hand Rubina but from some days or week, he performing well. But his eviction is really big shocking news for everyone not even inside the house but also for many celebrities of the TV industry.

The relationship of Abhinav Shukla and his wife Rubina Dilaik is not going well in the show and their fans are not liking the controversy of their marriage problem. Even famous TV celebrity Kamya Punjabi commenting on the planning to called off the marriage of Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik. She commented ” I was shocked when I heard that Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla were contemplating divorce.

And now the shocking eviction of Abhinav Shukla is a big trauma for their fans but we all know that the Bigg Boss reality show is always a show of controversy and they always shocked the fans of the show with many surprises. But this time this eviction of Abhinav Shukla is a big shocking surprise for everyone. For better clarity, the fans need to watch the show only on Colors at 10:00 PM.