Lottery happens to be one of the biggest sources of income for everyone. Lottery has been one of the popular gambling games among different states of India. Previously, it was not accepted by different states of the nation, but nowadays, it has been impressed by quite a lot of states including that of Sikkim. Certainly, it is one of the best ways through which you can try your luck and see what it has got for you in store. 

 Is Sikkim State lottery legal?

Yes, Sikkim State lottery is absolutely legal and you will not have to deal with any trouble in order to redeem this ticket. It is legalized by the state authorities and there is no issue if you are purchasing the ticket. You can easily buy the ticket from any of the local agents and you will be able to get your luck tried out for once. Sikkim State lottery is legal and you can redeem the winning amount at ease after you have won it. All you need is to visit the local store and present your matching ticket before that store. 

Are there any rules to make the claim?

Well, you can redeem your ticket and get the winning amount only if you carry 2 ID proofs of yourself along with you. You ought to assure that you already own a proof of being the citizen of India. Also, it is mandatory to make sure that you are getting the claim within a span of 30 days. Thus, if you abide by only these 2 rules and regulations, you are eligible to fetch your winning amount handy and whenever you feel like! Depending on the amount that you have won, a certain percentage of tax would be levied upon it. Also, you will have a deduction on your amount as that will go to your agent as his commission. 

What is the winning amount of the Sikkim State lottery?

Sikkim State lotteries available at the very negligible price and if you win it, you can win a really huge price. The cost of this lottery ticket is ₹7 and certainly that’s a very small amount, and you would probably not mind spending that much. However, once you get the privilege to win and your tickets get matched, you will be eligible to win an amount of ₹25 lakhs. You can verify your lottery ticket with that of the prize winning lottery numbers. 

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad weekly game name

Sikkim State lottery winning amounts tend to vary, and the names of the lotteries are also different. Different games are scheduled for different days of the week. Here are the names as follows:

  1. Monday:- Dear Loving Morning
  2. Tuesday:- Dear Sincere Morning
  3. Wednesday:- Dear Faithful Morning
  4. Thursday:- Dear Kind Morning
  5. Friday:- Dear Tender Morning
  6. Saturday:- Dear Gentle Morning
  7. Sunday:- Dear Affectionate Morning

When will the results of Sikkim State lottery be out?

The results of Sikkim lottery are out three times in a day. The morning results are out by 11.55 AM and you can check the results right on the official website of Sikkim Lotteries. In that case, you may check the results by 12 AM. Whatsoever, the Sikkim lottery day results are out by 4 PM. On the other hand, the evening results are out by 8 PM in the evening. Once you check the results, you can see to it by downloading the PDF. The results are generally out in the chronological order, and thus, you may check it out in the PDF itself by matching your ticket number with the ones mentioned right there. I will better advise you to get the PDF sheet downloaded along with you so that you do not have to hustle much while matching your ticket number with the one mentioned in the chart of the people who have won. 

What will be your time of claiming the reward?

You will be eligible to claim the reward by presenting the ticket right before the authorized dealer. Make sure that you note the date of issue of your ticket and then it must be claimed within a stipulated time of 30 days. 

You can win a hefty amount with the lottery and you can get a really amazing life ahead. You will be winning a good amount of money with which you can purchase a lot of things and meet your luxuries at ease.