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Sofia Vergara And Yung Gravy Engagement Pics, Videos

Sofia Vergara And Yung Gravy

There are lots of netizens, who are searching that Sofia Vergara engaged with the rapper, Yung Gravy. Still, some are confused it is true or not? Let’s find out all the facts about their engagement, we would like to inform you that tons of social media users are believing that Sofia has got engaged, it all has started when Gravy has shared a post from the so-called engagement shoot.

Sofia Vergara And Yung Gravy

Sofia Vergara And Yung Gravy Engaged?

On the 2nd of December in the year 2021, one of the well-known rappers, whose name is Gravy, his real name is Mattew Raymond Hauri, but most of the time he is recognized by his stage name. Recently he has shared some pictures on his official Instagram account with her, which were already shared by Sofia on her Instagram account. We got to know Sofia Vergara has not posted any pictures with Yung Gravy.

While sharing the pictures it was captioned that “Finally got around to doing our engagement shoot at the gorgeous Philbrook!! I love you so much, honey. @yunggravy #GravyEverAfter.” Afte the moment the picture has gone viral on the internet tons of people have started to share the picture on their social media handles. So far the pic has got 190,000 likes and lots of views hence netizens are thinking that they might have engaged with each other even some of them have made lots of tweets that.

Engagement Pics & Videos

Yung’s female fans are said and they shared the picture with the disappointed caption. His fans can not believe on the news both of them are holding immense fan following on their social media handles. On Sofia’s official Instagram account she has millions of followers and Yung also has millions of followers.

By the way, we would like to inform you that Sofia is not engaged with Yung. The picture which was shared by the rapper was photoshopped, one of the Twitter users has also said that and posted a series of tweets that it, not the original pic.

To clarify all the things Sofiahs posted some of the pictures with the original engagement shoot from someone’s engagement. Sofia is already married to her husband, whose name is Manganiello, she got engaged to him in 2014, Sofia also has a son named Manolo from her first marriage, Yung’s girlfriend is not known as of now.


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