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Son Of Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee Dies At 28, Death Cause, Crow Incident

Brandon Lee

The most shocking news of the day, which is breaking millions of hearts. Do you know Brandon Lee? He used to be recognized for being the son of one of the legendary personalities, whose name is Bruce Lee. Everyone knows about him, he had an immense fan following. Now unfortunately Bruce Lee’s son had passed away. All the people and his loved ones have started to remember him, he was an accidental shooting involvement in the Alec Baldwin, at the end of the incident, the cinematographer has died Halyna Hutchins and Director Joel Souza was injured.

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee-Death Cause & Crow Incident

As per the report, we got to know that Brandon has passed away. After a fatal gun wound on the set of one of the movies, named 1993 The crow. He had passed away on March 31, this incident took place when he was filing a scene, Eric Draven was shot by Michael Massee’s character. This scene was involved Funboy, shooting Eric when he was supposed to enter the room, he has used a .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson Revolver from the distance of 3.6-4. meters.

There was a bullet in the gun which was stuck, actually, a black round had to be shot but it could not happen and a filled round was fired the bullet hit the stomach of the actor. Later he was taken to the hospital after this happen, his condition was serious, hence he could not service and died in the hospital.

Son Of Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee Dies At 28

As we know Brandon was an amazing personality, he was an actor, he was working on several projects. Apart from this, he was also famous for fight choreography and martial arts skills. Talking about his early life, he went to Emerson College and Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

He has started this professional acting career with the Hong Kong action film Legacy of Rage and Laser Mission in 1989. In the Hollywood industry, he made his debut with Warner Bros’s buddy cop film Showdown in Little Tokyo.

On Twitter, tons of tweets are being made and people have paid him tribute, he will always be remembered for his contribution to the entertainment industry. His fans felt bad and they are remembering him. At the young age of 28, he lost his life He had not disclosed his personal life to the media before his death, may his soul rest in peace.


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