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Splitsvilla X3/13 Today’s Episode June 5, 2021 Elimination Update: The Boombam Gang Wins the Dance Task, Time to Turn the Tables Now?

Splitsvilla X3/13 Today's Episode June 5, 2021 Elimination Update: The Boombam Gang Wins the Dance Task, Time to Turn the Tables Now?

Once again Splitsvillians are back to entertain its massive audience and with another controversial stuff. This weekend episode is gonna be very interesting. Well! Let me tell you, in today’s episode of Splitsvilla X3/13 there will be a Couple Dance Task to entertain everybody to its fullest.

However, this is not a dance show. So, this couple dance task will be all about entertainment and chemistry along with dance. Gear yourself to catch this upcoming episode of Splitsvilla X3/13 wherein all the connections will be giving their best to make this task count.

In the last weekend episode of Splitsvilla 13, you saw Riya evicted from the show. And, on the other hand, Vyomesh & Arushi couldn’t turn out to be the next Ideal Match of Splitsvilla 13.

This Dance Task will surely be coming up with some opportunities for the winning couple. Let’s just dive in and see how this weekend episode of Splitisvilla 13 goes, the winning couple, the elimination report, the dumping zone couples, everything.

Splitsvilla X3/13 5th June 2021 Episode Update

So, for this Dance Task, all the connections gonna perform to get the opportunity to their hands. Well! Vyomesh won’t be a part of this Dance Task of 5th June 2021 Splitsvilla 13 episode as he is injured. Arushi is quite upset as everyone in the villa is pretty much excited about this Entertainment Task.

Since Riya is not in the show Splitsvilla 13 anymore. Shivam will be performing with Palak in this Dance Task. Rest all the connections are the same to perform with each other. Avantika this time is very excited as she finally will get some time to spend with Garry.

Now, the Dance Task starts with the amazing and mind-blowing dance performance where Sunny Leone performs first and the stage is already on fire. You all know Sunny is an amazing dancer. She completely set the stage on fire with her hot and lovely moves.

Now, the first performance from the Silver Villa is Jay & Aditi. Jay is completely a non-dancer. But when he performed on the stage, it was like WOW! Everybody is shocked at how Jay has performed.

Now moving on to the next performance Trevon and Smaruddhi. Trev again is completely non-dancer. His performance was evidence to that, hahaha. But he was looking so cute with his connection while performing.

Now comes Shivam and Palak. It was mind-blowing. They perform on Hua Chhokra Jawan Re. It was commendable. All the girls of Splitsvilla X3/13, who do not even like him. They appreciated him. It was completely unexpected from him. Shivam has a class. No doubt.

The Silver Villa of Splitsvilla X3/13 performances ended up with the last performance of Garry and Avantika where Arushi played the role of Jahnavi in their dance as they have portrayed a story.

Moving on to performances from the Gold Villa now. Kat & Kevin were okay. Sapna & Dhruv’s performance was full of entertainment. And, at last, it was Nikhil & Bhumika, they literally killed it.

So, Shivam & Palak from Silver Villa and Nikhil & Bhumika from Gold Villa won this Dance Task. This is the time now to turn the table of Splitsvilla X3/13. The power is gonna come in this Boombaam group. This is finally the time where the dynamics of the show gonna change.