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Suzy Cortez OnlyFans Private Tattoo Messi, Net Worth

Suzy Cortez

We are back with one of the most searching news, that an internet sensation whose name is Suzy Cortez. You might have heard about her, she is professionally a social media star and Onlfans star, she has an impressive fan following over these social media sites. As we know there is a number of stars, who are emerging, she is also one of them.

Suzy Cortez

Suzy Cortez OnlyFans Rejects $100K

Now she has come into the limelight after she rejected the offer of $100K USD from a fan, who said to get his face’s tattooed on her private part or nearby her private part. But she denied to do so, let’s find out the complete matter, we will let you more information about this star.

Suzy Cortez Net Worth

Onlyfan is one of the adult platforms, which is an earning source of tons of people, on the internet, you can find out that there are lots of Onlyfans stars. We would like to inform you that, she is earning a huge amount of money from the platform. As per the statement, at present Suzy is earning more than $264,000 USD every month, so she does not think that she needs money at the moment.

Suzy is a Brazilian model and social media star, who has an attractive personality, her fan following is increasing with time. As she is one of the growing stars, she got a message from a fan on Instagram, where a user offered $100,000 USD to get his face tattooed on the crotch.

Suzy Cortez Tattoo Messi

This is shocked her although she denied doing this. As per the report, there are two stars who have come got attention because they have disclosed in the media that they have earned millions through Onlyfans, their names are Sean Austin and Daisy Drew.

Most of the time she is recognized for her obsession with the soccer club Barcelona FC and Argentinian soccer player Lionel Messi. She is one of the die-hard fans of Messi, even she has tattooed him on her back, recently the name came out that broke the internet that she is going to tattoo Messi An@l.

Several people have shown their excitement on the internet and after that, her number of fans also increased not only on social media but also on Onlyfans. For more latest update you may follow her on her social media handles such as Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms, stay connected with for more trending news.


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