Home News Tamir Rice Murderer Timothy Lohmann, Shot By Cop, Know Why?

Tamir Rice Murderer Timothy Lohmann, Shot By Cop, Know Why?

Tamir Rice Murderer Timothy Lohmann

Do you know who was Tamir Rice? He is trending on the internet and tons of people are searching for him. He has been the headline of the news after he was shot by a cop on the duty in the year 2014. His murderer has been recognized as Timothy Loehmann, after that he was put on trial and went for the whole ordeal for his deeds. Let’s find out more details related to him, we will let you know more interesting facts about him.

Tamir Rice Murderer Timothy Lohmann

Tamir Rice Murderer Timothy Lohmann

There are lots of cases in which, we have seen people are not guilty, but still they have lost their lives. In one of the recent cases when a 17 years old guy was having a real gun, he was not found guilty for shooting a protester. On the other side, if we talk about Tamir, then he was completely innocent, he was holding a plastic gun and he was shot by the cop, it sounds pretty so bizarre, that can someone not identify the plastic gun.

Tamis’s murder case has gone viral on the internet, tons of people are showing interest to know about this. As of now his murderer, whose name is Timothy Loehmann is free, he is not facing any kind of charges and, In the beginning, the police officer faced face trial in the favor of murder, later this case was handed over to the grand jury instead of a higher court.

Shot By Cop, Know Why?

People were hoping that he will get justice but it did not happen, Loehmann had left his job, but it was due to technical issues. We will let you know that Tamir was with his friend in Cleveland Park, he was enjoying the snow and playing with the gun before his death, we would like to tell you some quick facts about the incident, at the time of shooting him the police officer did not take even some minute and shot him.

The police officer was not observing that what was happening in the part, he was playing or not, he just went ahead and shot him, he was an innocent child of 12 years old. He has come into the spotlight after he has applied to the state’s higher court to get his job back, but people are protesting him and they do not want him to get the job of a police officer back.


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