Home News Texas Woman Threw Soup, Found Plastic In Soup Age, Arrested

Texas Woman Threw Soup, Found Plastic In Soup Age, Arrested

Texas Woman Threw Soup

Amanda Martinez has been the headline of the recent news, she is from Temple Texas, who is getting viral these days. As per the viral news about her, she is the one, who has thrown the soup in the restaurant cashier after she found plastic in the soup. If you want to know complete details about the matter then do come along with us through this post, we will explore everything. Explore Who Is Amanda Martinez? Texas Woman Threw Soup, Found Plastic In Soup Age, Arrested

Texas Woman Threw Soup

Who Is Amanda Martinez?

Amanda Martinez is an American woman, who has found the plastic in her soul bowl. Later she got angry and she threw the soup at the restaurant cashier. Cashier’s name is Nelly, who apologized to her and said her to refund her money and give her new soup.

Still, she threw soup on her face, the soup was warm. After the incident, she ran away from there but some of the people have captured the pictures on their phones. Now netizens are searching for a woman who is Amanda Martinez?

Texas Woman Threw Soup

There is the availability of CCTV footage of the incident, which was posted on social media platforms. Now it is getting viral on various platforms such as Insta, Twitter, and Reddit. The cashier Nelly has also posted two videos on her Tiktok account while explaining the incident. She has thanked lots of people who supported her.

The woman who found plastic in soup has been talking of the town. As the soup was so hot hence the plastic melt, she also complained to the staff about that. To control the matter, the cashier has managed to refund her and give free soup but she did not listen to anyone and threw warm soup on the cashier’s face.

Amanda Martinez’s age might be in her 30s, not much info is available about her. CCTV footage is there which is showing everything, it seems she just wanted to make herself satisfied hence did all this.

Amanda Martinez Age: Arrested

This incident has taken place on November 7, 2021, in the afternoon, as of now the woman Amanda is facing some charges. Do some netizens want to know if Amanda Martinez was arrested? There is no official statement has been passed about Amanda Martinez’s arrest.

For that we will let you know very soon, Netizens are criticizing her and favoring the cashier. She did not want to solve this matter as it is appearing by her action, there are more viral news on the internet for reading them keep visiting this site we will bring more exciting and trending topics.


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