Khaali Peeli is a Hindi romantic action film. Recently the producer of this film has changed a song in the film to Beyoncé Sharma Jayegi. The creators of Ananya Panday and Ishaan Khattar’s Khaali Peeli have made modifications to their agonistic song Beyonce Sharma Jayegi. Beyoncé’s word was once changed to ‘Beyonce’ to create peace on the Internet.

The Makers Of Khalli Peeeli Made Changes In Beyonce Sharma Song Due To Threat Of "Racist" Song

Soon after the music was released, there was a lot of attention on social media, with many people dedicating it to what they have known as ‘melody-deaf’. This compares Ishan’s persona to Ananya’s to American singer Beyoncé, “Ho Tuje Deh ke Goria, Beyoncé Sharma Jaayegi (you see, a straightforward woman, even Beyoncé would be embarrassed)” ‘Goriya’ earlier than the name of a black girl Many people who protested the song did now not like the try to put it on Twitter. Beyoncé’s title was modified to make it look specific after seeing the footage, video, and video title on YouTube. The new title reads ‘Beyonce Sharma Jayegi’.

The Makers Of Khalli Peeeli Made Changes In Beyonce Sharma Song Due To Threat Of "Racist" Song

Earlier, the film’s director, Makbuul Khan, said that the track does no longer discriminate on the groundwork of race. “First of all, we want to express regret for the wrongdoer without any hesitation or excuse. We guarantee you that the melody we are speaking about has never been distinctive in color. In fact, the time period ‘Goria’ has been used so frequently and traditionally in Indian songs to refer to a girl, so it in no way occurred to any of us to take it literally. Also, evaluating Beyoncé to a clever street man capability flattering a female who is going to make her dance/show seem like she deserves to be compared to Beyoncé, who we all consider to be the final word, an expression of intelligence and beauty. , performance, style, and attitude. We are all massive followers and there has never been a hassle with disrespect. ”

Composer Kumar goes on to say, “The word Goria used to be used in many Hindi songs. Our thinking was certainly to use the meaning of the phrase “girl.” There is no insult. We appreciate the beauty of the world-famous singer Beyoncé and do now not desire to hurt her fans. ” The film is directed through Himanshu Kishan Mehra, Ali Abbas Zafar, and Zie studios. This is the first Bollywood film to be released concurrently in more than one formats on October 2nd.

I know that everyone is eagerly waiting for this film, but your wait is just a few days because according to sources, the empty yellow Hindi film will be released by October 2, I am also hopeful that the empty yellow will be available to all of you. Would love a lot because Khali Yellow is a romantic action film. In which you will get to see action as well as romance.