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The popular rapper Huey shot dead in the US: Reason and related updates


Rapper Huey, who is regarded in his usual life as Lawrence Franks Jr. was shot dead in a tragic turn of events that unfolded in Missouri. The man had his first big sensational drop in the form of the “Pop, Lock and Drop” song of his that hit the high skies of the top charts. The actor was in his early 30’s and was rushed to the medical facilities after the incident and was declared dead soon after reaching the facility.

Another unidentified face was shot in the incident that unfolded in the suburbs and a similar fate awaited. Born in Kinloch, the man belonged to the very suburbs where he was born and raised throughout his life. Stardom kissed his feet after the pop and lock release. However, it was not possible for the man to match that similar level of highlight with the other ventures of his. Fore neighbors who resided in the locality, Franks was a popular face and had been a helping hand too. 

Tragic occurrence

Rapper Huey was in the suburbs when the event unfolded, much to the despair of his loved ones. It is said that the other victim who suffered the ordeal is 21 years. A small crowd of 10-15 people was present at the time when the shots were fired. However, not many have come forward to narrate the incident or explain what happened at the time of the gun shoot happening.

There are possibilities that the same can be a result of personal enmity or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The investigations have been running ever since and it has been told that police squad is cornering every possible face for involvement in the murder. 

Past Success

With Pop, Lock, and Drop, the man saw unprecedented success. But after that, a few years were barren and unfruitful. His other venture was under the Jive records which weren’t very successful either and the group went defunct back in the year 2011. Post that, his joining with the Waka Flocka Flame’s Brick saw another decent stint for the man. His other major release remains in “Redemption” which came out just before the end of the last decade.