Marvel always finds a unique way of surprising the fans of the people involved in a project. It was thought to belong done and dusted about the involvement of Tony Stark in the comic universe for the Iron Man. However, the franchise has given it a thought and decided to give the golden man another run to entertain the fans. Given the popularity that Stark already has, there is no doubt that the series would initially be a success. Though the long run of records will have to depend on the quality of the writing and also how the franchise goes forward with the entertainment of the additional heroes in the cast.

In the previous versions, it has been observed that our beloved Tony is never short of landing into troubling situations. The tech genius was later on replaced by a younger version and then finally being replaced by the half-brother prodigy. However, Marvel has given it a thought and decided that the big man needs a special comeback to meet the fans.

Who’s at the helm of proceedings?

Christopher Cantwell is the man who has been trusted to take the proceedings further for this version of the comic book. The man has been a major involvement in the issue of Halt and Catch fire and has all the experience required for the job of this magnitude.

In an exclusive podcast, the man confessed how he was “way beyond dreaming” about landing the job for this one. He could not suppress his admiration for Tony and Marvel as a whole in the nature of the task given to him. Meanwhile, the team will also consist of a few co-creators, the names of whom have not been revealed yet by the franchise.

When is the release pending?

Given that all goes well with no further hiccups, the series for Iron Man is looking to get a release in the comic books in the month of September. This means that there will be a good selling period window before the end of the year, and especially the Christmas holidays. The fans need to gear up for the return of their favorite and might Avenger back on the golden comic pages.