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The Youth Icon Manushi Chhillar to Elevate the Booster Dose Awareness for Children in India

Manushi the Youth Icon to Elevate Awareness about Booster Dose

The popular personality Manushi Chhillar is all set to enter the Bollywood Industry and there are rumors that the former Miss World gonna rock the industry with her debut in Prithviraj. Indeed! she is in the limelight but there’s one more reason too for her being in the limelight and that is the noble cause.

Well! not only Manushi has good looks but also a good heart too. She is actually elevating awareness about why there’s a need for a booster dose for children in India. The girl is actually leading the UNICEF campaign to spread awareness about this thing only.

Manushi Chhillar is already the youth icon winning that Miss World crown and yes, this is the reason that UNICEF has chosen Manushi only for this particular campaign.

Manushi the Youth Icon to Elevate Awareness about Booster Dose

Manushi has represented India winning this title Miss World and this actually happened after 17 years as it was Priyanka Chopra who represented India on the International level 17 years ago.

Manushi, not doing this for the very first time. Yes! with UNICEF it is that she got this opportunity for the very first time. The girl is very much active on social media and there also, she talks much about such causes that sometimes include things like menstrual hygiene.

This campaign has started on 24th April and will last till 30th April. Manushi is the chief of this Immunization Week campaign. During this campaign week, Manushi is giving her best spreading the need to immune children in India. She is putting all her efforts, using her social media and yes, many other people are also involved with this immunization campaign.

The campaign has been taken on social media to spread it with a high speed and we all know the power of social media today. On this campaign Manushi says, “This immunization will help and protect the children from the greatest destructive impacts of contagious diseases. As we already wait for #Wuhanvirus vaccines to deploy more widely let’s also remember to immunize our children against other highly devastating diseases which endure a serious menace to their lives.”

Further she says, “Inoculation has helped the propagation of children progress in good health, safe from contagious and menacing diseases like measles and polio. To rescue lives, we must accentuate our efforts to immunize children- especially the most susceptible. We should not let #WuhanVirus throw into confusion children’s admittance to life-saving childhood inoculations.”

Prior to this campaign, Manushi was a part of the PETA(People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) campaign that was to inspire everyone about the curb. Coming on to her professional thing, Manushi will soon gonna seen in her debut Prithviraj where she will be featuring opposite Akshay Kumar. The film is directed by Yash Raj Films and Manushi is playing the role of the princess Sanyogiya.