Home News Tia Bynum & Robert Vicosa Found Death, Death Case Details

Tia Bynum & Robert Vicosa Found Death, Death Case Details

Tia Bynum & Robert Vicosa Found Death

This day everyone wants to stay up to date, so for all of you, we are here, with the latest and viral news on the internet. Lots of people are having one question that Who Were Tia Bynum And Robert Vicosa? Death Case, Investigation. If you are also one of them then you have found the right post for you. After reading the post, you will come to know to required information such as Tia Bynum & Robert Vicosa Found Death, Death Case Details.

Tia Bynum & Robert Vicosa Found Death

Tia Bynum & Robert Vicosa Found Death

The four-day manhunt for an ex-Baltimore country Police officer, whose name is Robert Vicosa, who is a sergeant with the department he is in trouble, and facing some rough time. Unfortunately, his two children have been kidnapped at the end of the tragedy Thursday, according to the WJZ, both of the girls have were found dead in Western Maryland.

As per the source, when the investigation has been started it was found that the 2 daughters of officer Robert, their names are Asminah who is 6-year-old and the second one is Gianna who is 7 years old. And another victim of the incident was Tia Bynum who was also found dead of the Gunshot wounds inside the sport-utility vehicle nearby Smithsburg.

Tia Bynum and Robert Vicosa were professional police officers, Tia has served in the Criminal investigating Bureau of the department, which is a specialist team that investigates most of the serious cases. If we talk about Robert then he was working as a sergeant in the Catonsville precinct until he was not fired due to several offenses.

Death Case & Investigation

Moreover, we got to know both of them were in a relationship, they were dating each other. Both of them are being viral day by day, tons of people are showing interest that who were they, Vicosa was 41 years old, she is most wanted in Pennsylvania on a felony warrant for armed carjacking. On the other side, Bynum was, she was also one of the most wanted people on a charge of wrongful imprisonment.

According to the report, on a Thursday morning, the police chiefs have requested from Maryland and Pennsylvania to drop both of the girls before anyone gets hurt. Visa’s children’s names are Gianna and Aaminah who were taken from his house in Windsor Township on Monday.

On the Wednesday after,  Vicosa has kidnaped a guy in Cockeysville and demanded him to drive them. As soon as cops arrived there, they found four dead bodies inside, three were already dead one of them was a girl who was surviving she was admitted to hospital, unfortunately, she died too.


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