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Tiktok User @Shannyfantg Shared “Ghost” Viral Video!

Viral Video

Strange news is getting viral on the social media platform, which is related to the viral video on the internet. As per the updates, one of the Tiktok users has shown a video on the internet, whose name is Shanny Fantg. Her username is Shannyfantg. Recently she has shared a horrifying video on the Tiktok which is getting viral in the course of time. In the video, we see a ghost is removing her dog’s collar. Let’s find out the truth of the video, is it real or fake?

Viral Video

Who Is Tiktok @Shannyfantg?

As we know every day, we find some new and entertaining videos on social media sites. And this time, it is also one of them, Shanny’s shared video had gone viral on the internet, as the number of people are not believing this, we want to tell you that so far this video has gained more than 11 million views. Tons of netizens are searching this video and many are circulating this. They all are bent on sharing this video on the internet, and their social media handles.

Shanny Fantg is one of the Tiktokers, who has a decent fan following over the social media sites. On her official Tiktok account, she has more than 13,000 followers.

After sharing that strange video, her fan following is increasing. Most of that tiktok videos have been viewed more than 1000 times. Her name and fame rose when the expected and unbelievable incident took place.

“Ghost” Viral Video

It is not only one video, she has posted a completer series, which started on Oct 18 in 2021, when she has shared the security footage of her house.

Along with the video, she cautioned that “Guess the ghost doesn’t like my bear mast.” That video got more than 200,000 views. After that netizens got to see one more shocking video on her account. The video was showing that Someone is removing her dog’s collar.

It has shocked everyone, even many are confused, as they can not believe on this, it does not hold much water, the playing time of the video is 45 seconds. It is one of the scary videos, which is being shared by lots of people.

Very soon we will let you know it is true or not, and should you believe in the video or not, for that stay connected with us. For more such viral news keep following us, we will let you know first every viral and trending news.


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