Home News Tristan Thompson Video Goes Viral, Comparison With Later Rapper

Tristan Thompson Video Goes Viral, Comparison With Later Rapper

Tristan Thompson Video Goes Viral,

Tristan Thompson has been the headline after one of the recent interviews has gone viral on the internet. He has become the center of attraction and tons of people are reacting to his interview, we will let you know Why? He is professionally a Canadian basketball player, who is recognized for his profession. After his recent interview, some of the users have started to compare him on Twitter with Bashar.

Tristan Thompson Video Goes Viral

Tristan Thompson Video Goes Viral

During an interview, he was wearing tight cornrows along with a valor jacket, which was paired with square frames. His interview video has been shared on the Sacramento King’s official Twitter account, so far it has gained more than 1.6 million views. Many of the netizens were not happy with his appearance, it was seeming that he was disrespecting smoke, some of the users were saying that in the video late rapper is appearing.

The interview video is getting viral day by day, netizens are bent on sharing it on social media. They are also sharing their opinions on the video, at the end, Tristan has responded to the video and told about the comparison of him and the late rapper. When he was asked about the same he said, he is doing his hair like this for a long time, it is not new from the beginning of summer she keeps the same hairstyle.

Comparison With Later Rapper

Being a basketball player, he has an immense fan following, when he was also told that his interview video has got more than 1 million views. He has played a number of matches and is considered one of the successful stars. you can also follow him on his social media handles, where you can find out his latest updates such as his pics, videos, and more. The later rapper was one of the NBA stars, his real name was Bashar Barakah Jackson, he will be there in our hearts always.

If you visit social media sites, you must find the video, tons of people are making tweets, which you can readout. If you want to stay up to date, then it is the right site you have found on the internet. So do follow News135.com for more updates.


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