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UB40 Death, Toaster Astro Tribute, Age, Obituary, Real Name

UB40 Toaster Astro Died

UB40 was one of the famous faces, who is no more now among us. He has become the headline of news after his death news came out. it hit tons of people like a ton of bricks. Do you know who is UB40? He was one of the top-notch singers, trumpeters, percussionists, and toaster Astro, he had passed away due to illness. Many people are searching for UB40’s death cause and how he died? We will explore all the details.

UB40 Toaster Astro Died

UB40 Toaster Astro Died At 64

As far as know, UB40’s real name is Terence Wilson, who has died today on November 6, 2021. At the age of 64, he has left the world, he was one of the successful stars, who has earned a huge name and fame in his career, his fan following was more than thousands. After his death was confirmed, his fans have taken to their social media handles, and started to pay him tribute, he will be missed by all of us for his contribution.

UB40 Toaster Astro Tribute

It is such devastating news for all of us, many of his close friends, with whom he has worked or collaborated. They made a tribute on Twitter and expressed their feeling for him. Hr has broken everyone’s heart, on his official account of Twitter, there is the message that “RIP ASTRO,” added more “We have heard tonight, the sad news that ex-member of UB40, Terence Wilson, better known as Astro, has passed away after a short illness. Our sincere condolences to his family.”

This musician was one of the founding members of the Birmingham reggae and pop group in the year 1979. After that, he has formed another version of the band with Campbell and Mickey Virtue. Astro has also released 18 studio albums including the 1983 chart-topper ‘Labour Of Love’, ‘Red Red Wine’, and 1985’s ‘Baggariddim’. He made his last record with his band named Getting Over the Storm.

UB40 Toaster Astro Death: Age

At the time of his death, Astro was 64 years old, he was sudden from some illness. That is why he had died, online he is being paid homage, his family members are experiencing a rough time. People are supporting them, we express our deep condolence to his family and loved ones, he was one of the Brum Legends, who will be alive in our hearts, may his soul rest in peace RIP Astro.


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