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Vijay Kedia 2020, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Income, Success story

Vijay Kedia Bio

Vijay Kedia a well known name in Indian Stock market and Pro Trader and Investor. Vijay Kedia is an Indian trader from Kolkata, based out of Mumbai. He is known for his excellent strategies in trading. He started investing at the age of 19 with 35k rupees, exquisitely, at the age of 60, he publicly holds 15 stocks and his present public worth is over Rs. 308.9 cr. “Rome was not built in a day but Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed in a day” are the words on the star of the stock market Vijay Kedia’s Twitter account.Vijay Kedia Bio


Vijay Kedia (2020) Qualifications

Education: B.com
Age: 60 years
Study: University of Calcutta
Occupation: Investors and Traders
Children: 2

Vijay Kedia Bio

Vijay Kedia (2020) Early life and Career

Vijay Kishanlal Kadia was born in a Marwadi family in a state of Calcutta (presently known as Kolkata). At the very young age of 14, he got a passion for the stock market. Somehow his father died when he was 19, to run the family he had to join family business trading and stockbroking.

He had been in the family business for 3 years afterwards he left it and started his own business. Soon after entering into the stock market, he got no success. After investing his few years in vain, he left Kolkata and moved to Mumbai. In 2004 and 2005 he invested in 3 companies which got him success more than 100 times.

Vijay Kedia (2020) Portfolio

The names of the companies, he invested in, are as followed;

  • Atul Auto,
  • Aegis Logistic,
  • Cera Sanitaryware.

In 2016 he correctly predicted about the Indian Bull run. According to him, the structural Bull (The Stock Market) run was still at its initial stage, in 2016. “Money alone can’t create wealth for you on D-Street”: Vijay Kedia

How Vijay Kedia has become So Succesful in Stock Market?

2016: In 2016 Vijay Kedia was described as “Market Master” by Economic Times for his achievement up to the time. Moreover, he was featured at level 13 in the business world list of successful traders of India.

2017: “Money life advisory” launched an “Ask Vijay Kedia microsite”, and in the same year his portfolio rose up to 170%.

2018: Vijay Kedia was invited to speak in London Business School, in addition to it, in November, in the same year he was invited to deliver a speech at TEDx.

Vijay Kedia’s Success Strategies In Stock Market

On his business strategies, Vijay Kedia says; “one should scout for companies which have good management…Find very good management is going to grow, going to outperform its peers and the economy…invest in those companies for the next 10-15 years, and you cannot go wrong.”

In his investing career, he has been completely invested for the past 30 years.
According to him investment, knowledge, patience, the courage to bear the risk in are the milestones in the stock market. Good management is the key to success in the stock market, he states in one of his speeches.

Vijay Kedia (2020) Social Media Progress

Elevated newcomers in business not only follow him in real life but also on social media. People, in a good no, follow him on his Twitter account, where he keeps posting about business trading and quotes, statements, write-ups etc. to encourage people.

He is honoured with 17.5k followers on YouTube. In his 16 videos, he showed a different aspect of his character, where he sings, writes songs and composes them, shows love towards nature and day to day general life with a different eye.