Home News Viral Video Griffin Kinard Punches Woman In Train In NYC

Viral Video Griffin Kinard Punches Woman In Train In NYC

Viral Video Griffin Kinard Punches Woman In Train In NYC

There is a viral video on the internet, which is spreading day by day on social media platforms. In the video, we can see a man is punching a woman in the New York City subway. Thousands of people are showing their interest to know about him, and they are searching for the video. This incident happened inside the train where lots of other men and women were present but no one of them interfered during this. It is such a shameful thing, for more updates keep reading the post.

Viral Video Griffin Kinard Punches Woman In Train In NYC

Viral Video Of Griffin Kinard

This viral video of a man, who is punching a woman on the train is being circulated on the internet. The man has been identified as a Griffin Kinard, as per the details we got to know he was involved in the argument with the woman. He called her racist and at the end when he lost his control during an argument he became violent. Finally, he punched her in the face, the rest of the people were watching on the train.

Many people are reacting to the video and commenting contains. Netizens are sharing their opinions on social media sites. We would like to tell you that Griffin is a black man, who is from the Bronx, New York. As per his Twitter handle we got to know this, he is an employee of a local internet service e provider named Safelink ISP, he is not much active on his Twitter account.

Punches Woman In Train In NYC

Griffin is one of the married people with a wife and children, his family is based in the Bronx, New york. It seems that he has does not have other social media accounts such as Insta, Facebook, and more. Hence most of the information related to him is not known such as his wife’s name and children’s name etc.

On Twitter, you can find the whole video, where we can see the train full of men and women. Most of the people are saying she did not deserve this. Even she was trying to make him calm down, but he did not listen to him.

Let’s see will there be an investigation against him, or he will be free after doing this? So far there is no complaint arrest anything like this, she might have reached to the police yet. For more details keep visiting this site, we will bring more trending news for all of you.


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