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Was Musician Ishi Woney Arrested? Corinna Slusser Case, Age

Ishi Woney

Ishi Woney is One of the popular musicians and rappers whose name is being searched. He has become the headline of the news many people are searching was Ishi Woneyarrested or not? you like to tell you Ishi Woney is an American rapper musician by profession who has been arrested in the year 2018. After being found guilty for s#x trafficking many times he has been in controversies. Explore Was Musician Ishi Woney Arrested? Corinna Slusser Case, Age.

Ishi Woney

 Was Musician Ishi Woney Arrested?

As per the reports of police authorities Ishi is currently serving is 15 years imprisonment. Now again he has come in the LimeLight, as per the United States investigators they revealed he has advertised several young girls for online s#x trafficking without even knowing them.

Let’s find out all the details related to his case people want to know what is the current condition of Ishi Woney. We would like to inform them at present he is serving in jail in New York City prison. Due to his several charges in the year 2018, he was found guilty and put behind bars. One of the girls has been identified as Corinna Slusser, who was the chair leader at school. She went missing in 2017 after an investigation it was found that she was in a relationship with Ishi Woney.

Ishi Woney Age

Investigator got to know the correction of Ishi Woney to sex trafficking. As of now, we could not find his Instagram account or any social media accounts. He is not available now anywhere as of now Ishi Woney is 24 years old and he has completed high school and was pursuing a degree in college.

Ishi Woney Corinna Slusser Case

He is a pretty secretive personality, according to the source, he used to sell students secretly for prostitution with online advertisements. FBI has not revealed more information related to his early life and this case. Being a musician and rapper, he had a good way of earning and living life, they why he choose this way, it is also a question.

After he was found culprit he was sentenced to 15 years in jail he has not disclosed his personal information such as his parents’ names and profession. Talking about his personal life then he has been in many relationships and he used girls to make them part of human trafficking. For more latest and trending news keep reading the post we will let you know more viral news.


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