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Watch MahaMuni Movie World Television Premiere: Check Date Time & Channel’s Name

Date Time Schedule Details Complete Star Cast

Tamil crime thriller drama “MAHAMUNI” is finally going to be World Television Premiere on Friday, 12th February 2021 at 8:00 PM only on the Sony Max channel. This film is written and directed by Santhakumar. The lyrics are written by Kavignar Muthulingam and Krishnamoorthy Dhanushkodi. The running time of the movie is 158 minutes and produced by K.E. Gnanvel Raja. The star cast of this movie is as follows:

Date Time Schedule Details Complete Star Cast

Arya who played a dual role in this movie as Magadevan and Muniraj, Indhuja Ravichandran as Viji, Mahima Nambiar as Deepa, Kaali Venkat as Dr. Raghu, Rohini as Muni’s mother, Jayaprakash as Jayaraman, Ilavarasu as Muthuraj, Aruldoss as Guru Narayanan, Madhan Kumar as Aadhi Narayanan, Bala Singh as Politician, G.M. Sundar as Corrupt Police officer and many others. The music of this film is composed by S.Thaman. This movie was dramatically released by Tarun Pictures on 6th September 2019.

This movie is highly appreciated by the critics as well as from the spectators and received positive reviews from both sides. The genre of the movie is based on crime. The main plot of the movie revolves around two long-distinct brothers who end up in life frightening circumstances. The film drive recrudesces and ahead between two characters. Muniraj (Arya) is a character of a good Samaritan who is an organic farmer who has faith in Swami Vivekananda’s teachings and lives in Erode whereas his brother Magadevan (Arya) is a cab driver in Chennai and also a thug who works for a corrupt politician. Both Maga and Muni are unaware of their relationship and live in different places and have different beliefs.

Maga is an assassin who devises a conspiracy to murder people and accomplish it without any proof. The lives of these two antagonistic characters entwine at one point and how one life exerts influence on the other life and intersect is the main story of the films. Santhakumar proved his fortitude as a director with Mouna Guru who back after the gap of eight-year with the movie “Mahamuni”. This film is a brilliant social criticism on several issues that have been afflicted society for many years.

Instead of showing the actual reality of society in the viewers’ faces, director Santhakumar portraits the issues in an innovative way through the dialogues of the movie that shows the main issues of society like Casteism, spirituality, politics, and discriminations spread in the society for hundreds of years. This movie already gained popularity in South India and sets to rule in the hearts of North Indian viewers. This movie definitely receives lots of love and popularity in North India as well. SO watch this movie on Friday only on Sony max at 8:00 PM.