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Where Is Bajan Canadian? Youtuber’s Absence Explained!

Bajan Canadian

Bajan Canadian is one of the most popular YouTubers most of the time he is known for being ht content creators in the Minecraft youtube community, now he has disappeared for some time. And her fans are rapidly searching about him, they want to know the reason behind this. Hence we have brought the details about him, here we will let you know that where is Bajan Canadian?

Bajan Canadian

Where Is Bajan Canadian?

You will be happy to know that, he has made his comeback dealer this summer but in the last few years, it seems that he is not active on social media sites.

Bajan Canadian’s real name is Mitch Hughes, who is just 27 years old, he is from Canada and holds Canadian nationality. Being a popular YouTuber, he has an immense fan following over his social media sites, he is one of the skilled gaming players, the videos of his games are liked by lots of people. And he is also being liked by lots of game lovers.

As far as we know he is one of the successful YouTubers, who is growing, he has started his gaming carer in the year 2009. At that time he was part of a youtube channel, named Awesome Sauce Films.

After some time he has created his own solo channel and become part of a YouTuber with the channel Bajan Canadian in the year 2010, as of now he has more than 5.76 million subscribers, her name and fame are raising with the time.

Youtuber’s Absence Explained!

His number of fans increased when he started to work on the Minecraft videos, as per the report, he has not been posting his content on his channel since the year 2019.

All of sudden with any announcement and informant he got inactive on all the social media platforms. Several fans are commenting on his videos and they are trying to know that where he is, still they did not get any response from him.

You might get some response from her on Twitter because he is more active on Twitter than on another platform. In the last few months, it was noticed that he has been more active on Twitter, he has also made some tweets.

We got to know that as of now he is busy with another creator. So far Bajan Canadian has not disclosed her personal life with the media, but as soon as we find it, we will update you.


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