Home News “Where We Bout To Eat AT” Kid Die? TJ Death Cause, Instagram

“Where We Bout To Eat AT” Kid Die? TJ Death Cause, Instagram

Kid Die TJ Death Cause

Many of the hearts are broken when they got to know that one of the emerging stars and innocent souls has passed away recently. On Sunday this year Antwain Fowler has passed away he used to be recognized as “Big” TJ Fowler on Instagram. He has passed away on November 21, he has earned all the name and fame for his viral video named “Where we bout to eat at?”. Explore “Where We Bout To Eat AT” Kid Die? TJ Death Cause, Instagram.

Kid Die TJ Death Cause

“Where We Bout To Eat AT” Kid Die?

TJ has gone viral on social media after his short snippet had started to be circulated among people. Since the time, he has been the talk of the town, he also started to make some of the most popular videos with rare immune deficiency disorder. Many people have appreciated his talent. He had a strong spirit, he got lots of attention on social media sites.

He has been an internet sensation since the time when he’s one of the videos has gone viral among people. In the video, he was asking that where we were bout to eat at. This short clip was liked by lots of people and viewed also. After that, he got several followers on social media sites mainly on Instagram.

As of now, he had a decent fan following over social media sites, on his official Instagram account, he had more than 560K followers. Now all of them are feeling blue, they are posting his picture on their social media handle and paying him tribute. It is such a hard moment for all of us, we also express our deepest condolence to his family and loved ones, may his soul rest in peace.

TJ Death Cause, Instagram

He also had a youtube channel, on which he used to post his daily videos, at the time of his death, he had 244K subscribers on his channel. He was famous on social media sites, in most of the videos you can see his mother, he was pretty close to his mother, his most of the content is all about is a day to day life.

As we know TJ was suffering from Auto-immune Enterapothy, which is a rare deficiency disorder, he was battling the disorder from year 2015, at a young age, he was admitted to the hospital and underwent more than 25 surgeries as per his GoGFundMe Page. Now he is no more with us, people are broken-hearted mainly his family and friends. We should give them some private space, for more viral news to stay connected with us.


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