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Who Fell Down On Floor In Voice 2021? Judge Reaction

Who Fell Down On Floor In Voice 2021

On Tuesday, in the latest episode of The Voice 2021, one of the contestants has fallen down. It has shocked lots of people, and they are trying to know who was the contestant in the show. It was a live performance that has gone viral these days. On the 23rd of November, judges were shocked during the show when a contest fell down during the live performance in the show. Let’s explore Who Fell Down On Floor In Voice 2021? Judge Reaction.

Who Fell Down On Floor In Voice 2021

Who Fell Down On Floor In Voice 2021?

At the time, when content fell, the cameraman has moved the camera to the host of the show, named Carson Daly. He has explained to the audience, that what just happened on the stage. We would like to tell you that, the contestant who fell down his name was Wendy Moten.

She is from the coach Blake Shelton’s team, during his performance he lost his balance, it was an awkward moment, later she was helped by her teammates and coach behind the stage. She is 56 years old, quickly the makers of the show went for a commercial break and she appeared next to Carson after the break.

Wendy has just completed her performance, she sang the song I Can’t Help Myself along with the coach and teammates such as Lana Scott and Paris Winningham. It was confirmed that she is ok or not. Luckily she is fine and did not get any injuries, her supporters were really shocked and they want to know more about her.

Social Media & Judge Reaction

The singer is one of the emerging stars, who is performing very well after she is recognized for her performance. It is not the first time, before that it has happened with a number of contestants on the other shows mainly in the live shows, so it is not the big deal, we still show makers need to care about contestants.

Wendy is liked by every coach, it is being said that she is one of the most deserving singers for the show. After the incident, tons of people have come online and started to make tweets, as we can see the reaction of the people on social media.

They are asking that what had just happened on the stage, is Wendy right? to all of them we will say do not worry she is completely ok now. For more latest and trending news keep following this post, we will let you know more about the viral news across the world.


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