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Who Is Arapera Moana Aroha Fia? Abused To Death, Parents

Arapera Moana Aroha Fia

Arapera Moana Aroha Fia has been abused to death, it has been heartbreaking news for all of us. On the 31st of 2021, now the investigation is going on, and police have arrested the suspects. After hearing this news many of the people are shocked and they started to search on the internet.

The death of 2 years old toddles, who was admitted to the hospital after she was abused brutally. It was discovered that she had serious injuries. Tons of netizens are showing interest to know about this, they want to discover more information related to this.

Arapera Moana Aroha Fia

Who Is Arapera Moana Aroha Fia?

On the Sunday 31st of October the two years of toddler, whose name was Arapera Moana Aroha Fia, she has passed away at Starship Children’s Hospital. She had critical injuries, and her condition was serious. She was hospitalized after and doctors tried to save her but she could not be saved on the same evening Arapera Moana Aroha Fia has died.

After the investigation, a man ad woman have been arrested as suspects in Arapera Moana Aroha Fia’s death. Both of them appeared in the Manukau District Court, Wednesday. There is 21 years old man, who has been charged with murder and on the other side, the woman of 21 years old has also been charged with manslaughter. Both of them are in custody and it is the second hearing of the case. If they are found guilty then they will have to face life imprisonment for their deed.

Was She Abused To Death? Parents

Arapera Moana Aroha Fia was an innocent life, she used to live in a joint family along with her grandmother, parents. Now her family is facing a rough time, as it is a big loss to the family. Arapera Moana Aroha Fia’s family needs some private time so that they can feel a little better. After people got to know this they started to pay her tribute, we also express our deep condolence to his family and loved ones, may her soul rest in peace.

Arapera Moana Aroha Fia’s father’s name is Malcolm Fia and her mother’s name is Nikitalove Tekotia. Her personal information has not been found yet, as we are trying to get more she was a most loved person in her family. It is a painful moment for her family, many people have reacted to the news, more latest updates keep reading the posts on the page.


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