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Who Was Samuel Sean Collington? Temple Student Shot To Death

Samuel Sean Collington

Samuel Sean Collington was one of the Temple University Student who has been shot to death. After the incident, he has been the headline of the news, as far as we know he was shot on Sunday in the afternoon in North Philadephia shooting. Do you know who was Samuel Sean Collington? and what his death reason or why was he shot. Let’s find out all the facts related to the case, through this post.

Samuel Sean Collington

Who Was Samuel Sean Collington?

Samuel was a student at the time of his death, he was male and stunning at Temple University. He has died on Sunday as this news was confirmed by police.

As per the report we got to know Collinton of Pennsylvania was on the 2200 block of the north part Avenue at 1:32 pm. A gunman has arrived with the gun and shot him in the chest two times, all of sudden he was rushed to the hospital but he could not survive and was announced dead in the hospital. So far there is no arrest, the investigation is going on and police are working for gaining more details. They are looking for any CCTV footage, which can help them to catch the culprit.

Samuel Sean Collington was 21 years old at the time he was shot to death, he was a young student. He was standing in the 2200 block of North Park Avenue in Philadelphia. It was a big tragedy for the Collington family, they are feeling blue as of now, as it is the head time they lost their loved one.

Temple Student Shot To Death

All Samuel Sean Collington’s family members are mourning, many of his loved ones and relatives are paying him tribute. They are posting his pictures on social media sites and expressing their condolence to the family. We are also supporting his family and we also express our deep condolence to his loved ones.

The University has also released CBS Local saying that this is a tragedy in every sense of the word the University has also offered condolence to the family, Samuel Sean Collington’s death cause was shooting, he was shot two times in the chest. The culprit has not been found yet, very soon we will update you if there is an arrest made, his personal details are not explored now, all the info is private.


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