With social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter being some of the biggest platforms to raise voices, we can see free Tibet hashtags become really viral these days. Just as you open the Twitter, you will be able to see numerous pots and hashtags that are currently going on the trend amidst the border tensions.china and india clash

There are several posts containing insulting remarks along with various unsightly pictures that reflect the negative image of China. Different remarks from different people on the social media clearly notify the growing agitation among the Indian citizens. China has been always dominant in its approach. It had always targeted the smaller nations to capture, and India has currently become one of those nations at present.

Why Trending hastag on Twitter about China

The social media platforms thus, seem to led a boycott China campaign these days with some Indian celebrities, too, speaking up in this regard. While a Twitter user says that if he had a gun, he would have killed at least a hundred soldiers before he had died. Some other user was saying that he would destroy China with hydrogen and atom bombs. People, thus, are openly asking one anothe to reject “made-in-China” products.

Indian Union Minister Appealed to Boycott Chinese Apps and Food

As a result, Chinese mobile apps are being uninstalled by Indian smartphone users, and even the government has issued a notice in this context. Indian Union Minister, Ramdas Athawale appealed to boycott Chinese foods and restaurants on Wednesday. The famous cricketer Harbhajan Singh even asked his fans to ban all Chinese goods. It is evident that the Indian citizens have now been inflamed by the growing spirit of nationalism and this is clearly evident from their posts on social media.china and india clash on border

How China Backstabbing India Since 1962s

However, it is prominent that the Tibet hashtags have been growing really viral and people are trying to spread the brutality of the Chinese forces on the Indian soldiers. Also, it is being shown in the form of images and videos, wherein one can see how the Indian armed forces are fighting against the Chinese people to make sure that we, the countrymen are able to live in peace and harmony. The motif of China to backstab all the smaller territories will no longer be accepted, and thus, the voice of the Indian youth is raised all over again!