Hong Kong authorities have restricted Air India flights till the end of august as two passengers were found COVID-19 positive in the post-flight test. The flight was scheduled from Delhi to Hong Kong, as per a senior government official. Earlier in July, the Hong Kong government has issued some rules regarding the fight. As per them, Only those passengers can arrive in Hong Kong who have tested COVID-19 and have a negative certificate of the pandemic, done in the 72 hours before the flight.

Why Hong Kong Restricted Air India flights for Whole August Month of 2020

Air India flights banned by the Hong Kong Government without Detailing a Specific Reason

In addition to it, all passengers landing in Hong Kong through one of the Air India flights are essentially advised to have a post-flight test after the arrival. The government official has added in its statement. Furthermore, All Air India flights have been banned by the Hong Kong government without detailing a specific reason. The Indian Airline had said on Monday through a tweet “Due to restrictions imposed by Hong Kong Authorities, AI 310/315, Delhi – Hong Kong – Delhi of 18th August 2020 stands postponed. The next update in this regard will be intimated soon. Passengers may please contact Air India Customer Care for assistance.”

South China has reported through a morning post that this bar has been come down on COVID-19 positive tests of the passengers. Around 11 passengers were tested positive on 14th August after the arrival in Hong Kong from a flight from Delhi. “The fact 11 passengers tested positive on the same flight shows the lab tests back in India are not very reliable,” added the report, and asked the Indian ail line to do a deep cleaning before the flight. According to the Hong Kong government principles as a  concern for the pandemic, not only India, but passengers coming from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, and United States must have a  mandatory COVID-19 negative certificate before boarding the flight.

Why Hong Kong Restricted Air India flights for Whole August Month of 2020

Moreover, the airline operating a flight from any of these countries to Hong Kong must have to submit a form about the Negative reports of the passengers boarding the flight. India has suspended all scheduled international passengers’ flights in India since March 23, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has not yet been approved. Somehow, special international flights have been continuously operating with the agreement of aviation regulator DGCA.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, enter the nation has been seen through precautionary eyes to curb the pandemic as soon as possible. A considerable no of people could not have reached their houses, which were out of town but some specific steps were taken by the government to short-down the problems of the public. Air India has worked out to help standard people to reach out to their destination through the Vande Matram Mission. Via this mission, it has been operating special international flights since May 6.