Home News Will India be in Lockdown Again? PM Modi Pressurizing for the Same

Will India be in Lockdown Again? PM Modi Pressurizing for the Same

Will India be in Lockdown Again?

As we all know, the situation is actually critical now and worsening day by day. The only option left is the lockdown. PM Modi asked all the state ministers to impose lockdown just from the safety point of view but now, not only India but all other countries are also thinking for the same, as there’s no other option.

Last year, we all know how the situation actually turned up when PM Modi imposed the lockdown without any prior notice, the criticism he got, the inconvenience people suffered through, and yes the entire economy down. So, nobody wants to go through all this again, and unlike the last year, Mr. Modi is not doing such things.

Also, in the recent Bengal elections, BJP has lost it so badly that no other party wants to listen to his advice anymore.

Will India be in Lockdown Again?

The Global Health Expert, Catherine Blish of California said, “One of the problems is this false narrative that it’s either a full lockdown, which equates to economic disaster or no lockdown, which is a public health disaster.”

He further said, “What’s happening now is a health and an economic disaster. If you have huge swaths of your population getting sick, that’s not good for your population or your economy.”

India in Lockdown Again

Today, the entire news channels are flooded with thousands of dead bodies and overcrowded cremation ground scenes. The Coronavirus this time has mutated itself and India has already entered the 3rd stage. This time, people are actually dying so frequently.

The symptoms of the virus are different this time. The virus has been mutated already and is increasing even with the high speed comparatively. People are lacking oxygen, the natural oxygen is not enough anymore. People are literally buying oxygen cylinders.

And, as we all know what kind of nation India is, the oxygen sellers are selling oxygen 4-5 times the actual price. People in this country are so selfish that even at this moment of time when the situation is already worsening with every single passing by, rather than helping others, all they are focusing on how to black things, how to fulfill their pockets, no matter what!

The Indian currency was already not in a match with the high currencies like that of the US, UK, Europe, Canada, and many others like this only but now it’s considered as one of the worst-performing currencies of Asia.

Seeing this effect on the currency, Uday Kotak said the government “to take the strongest national steps including curtailing economic activity to reduce suffering. We must heed expert advice on this subject — from India and abroad.”