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“Yes, God, Yes” 2020 Movie Review & Release Date


Yes, God, Yes is basically an American comedy-drama that is written and directed by Karen Maine. The film stars Natalia Dyer. It is going to be a directorial debut for Maine, and based on the 2017 short film, she is starring Dyer.

Yes God Yes MovieĀ  Release Date

The initial release date has been 8th March, 2019 but it got postponed some way or the other, Now the date of releasing is 24 July 2020 source is IMDb. It is an upbeat story about a Catholic school girl who has been struggling to make sense of her sax*ality. It is a lot about mast**b*tion too, and cravings for sax. If you are planning to watch this movie in the coming times post-release, be ready to expect a lot of saxu*l content and some n*di*y. The movie has a runtime of 78 minutes and you can classify this as a movie from the drama genre.

Yes, God, Yes Cast & Crew

The cast includes Natalia Dyer as Alice, Alisha Now as Nina, Francesca Reale as Laura and Wolfgang Novogratz as Chris along with many others. The movie received a special jury prize for its best ensemble after it has been premiered at the SXSW film festival across the world.

Yes, God, Yes Movie Plot

It is all about the self-discovery and self-gratification of Maine and how she deals with her coming-of-age experiences. This is all about this 16-year-old virgin who had experienced her first stirrings of sexual turn-on after she watched a VHS copy of Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

On an innocent chat, she founds that masturbation is guilt and thus, is overwhelmed with guilt. She attends a mysterious religious retreat to suppress her urges but that wasn’t easy either. It further narrates how a cute upperclassman starts to flirt with her giving her a sense of shame.

Yes, God, Yes production info

Dyer seems to generate too much-rooting interest and the movie is going to be really likeable according to many other viewers. It is an RT Features Production that is done in association with Maiden Voyage Pictures, Walking Tacos Prods. The producers include Katie Cordeal, Eleanor Columbus along with many more.